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How the NSA Is a Servant of Corporate Power



Top-secret intercepts prove thateconomic spying by the U.S. is pervasive and wielded to benefit powerfulcorporate interests.


"Weare under pressure from the Treasury to justify our budget, and commercialespionage is one way of making a direct contribution to the nation's balance ofpayments." - Sir Colin McColl, MI6 Chief

For years public figures have condemnedcyber espionage committed against the United States by intruders launching theirattacks out of China. These same officials then turn around and justify theUnited States' far-reaching surveillance apparatus in terms of preventingterrorist attacks. Yet classified documents published by WikiLeaks reveal justhow empty these talking points are. Specifically, top-secret intercepts provethat economic spying by the United States is pervasive, that not even alliesare safe and that it's wielded to benefit powerful corporate interests.

At a recent campaign event in NewHampshire, Hillary Clinton accused China of "trying to hack intoeverything that doesn't move in America." Clinton's hyperbole is redolentof similar claims from the US deep state. For example, who could forget thestatement made by former NSA director Keith Alexander that Chinese cyberespionage represents the greatest transfer of wealth in history? Alexander hasobviously never heard of quantitative easing (QE) or the self-perpetuating"global war on terror," which has likewise eaten through trillions ofdollars. Losses due to cyber espionage are a rounding error compared to thetidal wave of money channeled through QE and the war on terror.

When discussing the NSA's surveillanceprograms, Alexander boldly asserted that they played a vital role with regardto preventing dozens of terrorist attacks, an argument that fell apart rapidlyunder scrutiny. Likewise, in the days preceding the passage of the USA FreedomAct of 2015, President Obama advised that bulk phone metadata collection wasessential "to keep the American people safe and secure." Never mindthat decision-makers have failed to provide any evidence that bulk collectionof telephone records has prevented terrorist attacks.

If US political leaders insist on namingand shaming other countries with regard to cyber espionage, perhaps it wouldhelp if they didn't sponsor so much of it themselves. And make no mistake,thanks to WikiLeaks, the entire world knows that US spies are up to theireyeballs in economic espionage - against NATO partners like France and Germany,no less. And also against developing countries like Brazil and news outletslike Der Spiegel.



These disclosures confirm what EdwardSnowden said in an open letter to Brazil: Terrorism is primarily a mechanism tobolster public acquiescence for runaway data collection. The actual focus ofintelligence programs center around "economic spying, social control, anddiplomatic manipulation." Who benefits from this sort of activity? The same large multinational corporateinterests that have spent billions of dollars to achieve state capture.
Why is the threat posed by Chinainflated so heavily? The following excerpt from an intelligence briefing might offersome insight. In a conversation with a colleague during the summer of 2011, theEuropean Union's chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, HiddoHouben, described the treaty as an attempt by the United State toantagonize China:

Houben insisted that the Trans-PacificPartnership (TPP), which is a U.S. initiative, appears to be designed to forcefuture negotiations with China. Washington, he pointed out, is negotiating withevery nation that borders China, asking for commitments that exceed thosecountries' administrative capacities, so as to 'confront' Beijing. If, however,the TPP agreement takes 10 years to negotiate, the world - and China - willhave changed so much that that country likely will have become disinterested inthe process, according to Houben. When that happens, the U.S. will have noalternative but to return to the WTO.



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cwilsondrum 2 days ago
isn't greed wonderful? corporations haveindeed captured the state.


aarky 4 days ago
One of the storiesabout stopping a terrorist attack is believable and is that the US tipped offthe Lebanese Government that there would be a car bomb attack against Nazrallah,head of the Hezballah. The story came from a paper in Lebanon and didn't makethe papers in the US. For true sneakiness, rememberthat the French intelligence had microphones in all the armrestsin the First class sections of the Air France planes, sowatch what you brag about on any plane operated by the Chinese.


danny j aarky 3 days ago
Today, I see thatthe French have passed a new, sweeping domestic surveillance law. it had beenproposed, and argued for many years, and the left had successfully held itback, but like 9/11, the Charlie Hebdo terrorism stifled critics and paved theway.

现在,我知道法国通过了一部新的全方位监视法案。这部法案一经推出就争了好多年。但左派已成功把他拿下。为避免像9 / 11,查利周刊漫画家恐怖谋杀事件打下了基础。

nineteen50 4days ago
Did anyone everbelieve otherwise?


VoxFox 4 daysago
Canada's ownSpy-Gang were also caught out recently spying on foreign business competitors,particularly of some of those favoured companies who were receiving government"grants", and were then secretly getting this new intelligence.


robhood 4 daysago
NSA is not alone,working for the corporate elite. The CIA beganwith "Wild Bill" Donovan recruitingBlue Chip offspring for the CIA's top positions.


Foot trails robhood 4 days ago
All of ourcountry's major institutions are now working for the corporate elite: government,hospitals, schools, media … Anyone who deviates is shunned or crushed.


robhood Foot trails 4 days ago
True. I think, theproblem is similar to 'too big to fail banks'. When any entity, (like nonprofits, unions, corporations, etc.), becomes consolidated and supposedlyrepresents large numbers, it is easier to corrupt leadership, through bribery,blackmail, threats, etc.

我认为是真的,这个问题有点像"银行大到不能倒 "。一旦任何实体(比如,非营利性的、工会、公司等)变得更难以撼动,也就是所谓的人员数量庞大,更容易通过贿赂、勒索、威胁等手段腐化领导人。