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Q&A: What yuan devaluation means for China, othercountries


BEIJING (AP) — China devalued its tightlycontrolled currency Tuesday following a slump in trade, allowing the yuan'sbiggest one-day decline in a decade. The central bank said it was trying tomake the state-controlled exchange rate more market-oriented. In recent months,the yuan has strengthened along with the dollar, making Chinese exports moreexpensive and raising the risk of politically dangerous job losses inindustries that employ tens of millions of workers


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Kevin 6 hours ago
If China will not allow it's currencyto freely float why should the Yuan be considered a global currency?



reprak 4 hours ago
The problem is that the millionaires andbillionaires are happy about Chinese currency being manipulated this way. Thesepeople are getting their products produced in China, paying in Chinese workers inChinese currency and selling the same product later on for US dollars. First ofall, we should balance the sheets-whatever value we import from China, that value of USproduct we should export to China.That would be a FAIR FREE TRADE. If Chinese government does not accept thoseconditions (as they do not accept it now), then we should tax the Chineseimports to death, giving our people a chance to compete and make the sameproducts locally for decent wages. But this is not going to happen easily,because some very rich people would have to be less greedy and some politicianswould have to stop taking money from these very rich, greedy people and makesome decent decisions protecting our middle working class.


Sweet Deep-Fried Ice Cream 4 hours ago
Chinaneeds to be punished for breaking agreements.


Mitch 5 hours ago
The dropped of Chinese Yuan is the realitythat Chinese economy is going dip as deep of the ocean. And the Chinese stockswill go deeper. Now, is the right time to pull out all your money from Chinesestocks


R 41 minutes ago
Chinadevalued its tightly controlled currency Tuesday following a slump in trade,allowing the yuan's biggest one-day decline in a decade.
I believe it was the Obama that told us that china was not a currencymanipulator well what do ya say now Obama? I think the facts speak forthemselves



A Bush 49 minutes ago
a perfect example of how the Chinese GAMEthe international trade system, and we let them get away with it...it's got tostop! they have been stealing our jobs for years!! and corporations and thepoliticians that they own don't really care about American jobs - certainly theChinese don't care about American jobs! Americans have to care, and dosomething about it!


West 44minutes ago
It's a good move for them temporarily sincethey rely heavily on exports. Long term it will lead to inflation but we arenot dealing with long term ... yet.


Vital Symmetry 4 hours ago
China'scommodity exports to be more competitive? Well, for me I dont' thinkso........clients are diminishing even if they will devalue it so many times.


Not 2hours ago
who is devaluing? a loaf of bread that cost25 cents 50 years ago is now almost 6 bucks!